We all want to attract a mate who will live up to our standards and fulfill our dreams. Unfortunately, many times, people don’t connect because one or the other can’t see past superficial characteristics. To increase their chances of attracting a quality mate, people tend to work on their physical appearances by improving their physiques, their wardrobes and more. That said, if a recent survey is correct, people might be better served paying for cosmetic dental procedures which correct unattractive smiles.

Man & woman on a romantic date

An Important Attribute

According to a recent dating survey, people regard teeth as an important factor when assessing a potential romantic partner. In fact, 62 percent of respondents said a person’s smile was the very first thing they noticed upon meeting, with body types and eyes ranking equally for a distant second, and complexion and fashion sense tied for third.

Additionally, dental problems ranking high for greatest turn-off, with bad breath ranked number one by 31.3 percent of participants. After that, participants ranked missing, crooked or yellow teeth as the second greatest turn-off, even when given the chance to select poor personality, foul body odor and unkempt appearances.

The survey also asked participants to rank facial traits as most important, with teeth coming in number one at an astounding 87.5 percent, followed by complexion, then eyes, then hair color and style.

Finally, when asked if they’ve ever refused to date someone due to bad teeth, an amazing 69 percent said yes.

Teeth Are Important

Besides the aforementioned statistics, the survey also asked respondents to rank the importance of a healthy, attractive smile using a scale of 1 to 10. In the end, the average rating came out to 9.33, which appears to clearly indicate that a good smile can make a huge difference in attracting potential mates, and vice versa.

Getting a Better Smile

Unfortunately, statistics indicate that dental imperfections can make us less attractive to the opposite sex. If you’re tired of being judged based on your imperfect teeth, modern cosmetic dental procedures can help. Whether you’re interested in invisible braces, teeth whitening procedures or porcelain veneers; Smile Columbia can help. Contact our office today or call (803) 781-9090 to learn more.