Do you ever look in the mirror, maybe as you’re getting ready to go out or after you brush your teeth, and examine your smile? Maybe you see flaws that you’d like to fix — a crooked incisor, yellowed enamel, or an unsightly chip out of one tooth. Or maybe you’re so unhappy with your smile that you don’t bother cataloguing each specific problem, instead just dreaming of the beautiful smile you don’t have.

You probably know that an experienced cosmetic dentist could solve all these problems and give you the smile of your dreams. But are you ready to take that step?

Are you ready for the smile of your dreams.

Changing Your Smile Can Change Your Life

More than a quick whitening treatment or a new crown, a complete smile makeover will dramatically change your appearance. Studies show that a white, evenly-spaced smile makes more attractive to other people. And while you may notice a difference in the way people look at and talk to you, the bigger impact could be in the way you look at yourself. Many people who undergo cosmetic dental makeovers find themselves smiling more often and more confidently, and being more expressive.

A beautiful smile can impact more than your looks, of course. Studies have shown that a whiter, straighter smile makes the people around you perceive you as more trustworthy and confident, and can even lead to great professional success.

That’s not to mention your oral health. A smile makeover doesn’t stop at the cosmetic: If you’re missing teeth, getting dental implants can stimulate jaw bone strength and keep neighboring teeth from leaning into the gap. And if you have a crooked bite, orthodontics don’t just make your teeth look straighter; they can release tension in the jaw from a misaligned bite and prevent uneven wear on your teeth.

How Will You Improve Your Smile?

An excellent cosmetic dentist can resolve virtually any cosmetic issues with your smile. Whether your teeth are discolored, crooked, missing, or some combination thereof, there are cosmetic dentistry solutions prepared to transform your smile into something you love seeing in the mirror.

If your teeth aren’t as straight as you’d like, there are orthodontic options to move them. Invisalign is a subtle, speedy option for straightening. Or, if your teeth require more complex movement, such as rotation, traditional braces may be a better option. And don’t worry, tooth-colored wires and clear brackets make these much more attractive than the metal braces of your childhood!

If you’re dealing with a few small cracks or chips, dental bonding is a great way for your dentist to fill in the space with an attractive, sturdy composite to make your tooth look as good as new.

Do your teeth need a whole new facade? Don’t worry — cosmetic dentistry is prepared to handle that challenge. If your teeth are healthy but unattractive due to their shape, size, or color, porcelain veneers can mask them with seamless, strong coverings. Or if your teeth are weakened, dental crowns can both conceal and protect them.

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