Cheaply made dentures can cause a number of issues. Not only do they leave you with an aged appearance, but they can also embarrassingly slip from place and limit the different kinds of foods that you can eat. With that being said, there is some good news. Not all dentures are created equal. There are several options out there if you are looking for better fitting dentures, including The Denture Fountain of Youth™ which are handcrafted specifically with your jaw in mind. If you are still worried about slippage and are looking to expand your food options then you may want to consider dentures that are secured by dental implants.

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Do I Need Them on Both Jaws?

Every patient is different, but generally speaking most people really only need them on their lower jaws. This is simply because dentures tend to be less stable there and more prone to slipping. With that being said, implant dentures can be used for the upper, lower, or both jaws if needed. Typically your dentures will be supported by no more than four implants which are inserted towards the front of the jaw where there is more bone for the implant to embed into.

Are Implants Right For Me?

Before you can be given implants, a dentist will make sure that you and your jaw are healthy enough to support implants. This means making sure you are not currently smoking and have not in at least the past year, ensuring that your diabetes is well managed if you are diabetic, and checking to see if there is enough bone present to support an implant. If there is not enough bone present, and you are healthy enough for it, your dentist may recommend building up the bone through the use of bone grafts. Typically dental implants take 3 to 6 months to heal, but the healing time may be extended if issues arise or bone grafts are needed.

Don’t Delay!

If you are on the fence about implant supported dentures then I strongly recommend that you visit with a dentist. Unfortunately, dental implants tend to cost more the longer you wait and a dentist can help you decide if dental implants are a good option for you. If you live in the Columbia area and are looking for a dentist that you can trust, please consider visiting Dr. Adam Hahn at Smile Columbia Dentistry. Our team can help address any questions or concerns that you might have. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (803) 781-9090.